Announcing the NEW MyFitnessPal Affiliate Program

More than 1 million people reach their health and fitness goals every year with MyFitnessPal. Now, registered dietitians, trainers, and nutritionists can sign up and earn extra income, unlock exclusive discounts, and empower clients — all with our FREE Affiliate Program!

  • Get $10 for every annual subscription
  • Gain insight into client’s nutrition
  • Track bonus income quickly and easily

Here’s how it works.

  1. Follow the “Get Started” link to sign up.
  2. Enter your info & submit.
  3. Watch for a welcome email with instructions on how to share your referral link and unlock benefits for both you and your clients.

Empower them with MyFitnessPal Premium, where they’ll enjoy:

  1. Easy Barcode Scanning – Skip the search and log store-bought foods faster.
  2. Custom Macro Tracking – Find the balance of carbs, protein & fat that works for you.
  3. Trainer-Led Workouts – Break a sweat with loggable strength, cardio & yoga routines.
  4. Quick-Log Recipes – Healthy recipes for any goal: low carb, high protein, under 500 calories & more.
  5. 35+ App Integrations – Sync with Fitbit, Apple Health, Google, Garmin and more to see the full picture.
  6. Personalized Nutrition Insights – Discover the data behind your foods to keep your goals on track.

No matter the lifestyle — Keto, Vegan, Mediterranean, etc. — you’ll find it in our incredible database of more than 14 million foods. Members are up to 65% more likely to reach their goals with MyFitnessPal Premium. Plus, we offer one of the world’s largest fitness communities for advice, tips, and support 24/7 — so your clients will never be alone on their health and fitness journey.

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Get started with the MyFitnessPal Affiliate Program today!

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