5 Smart and Simple Ways to Stay Hydrated

The benefits of water can’t be overstated. Water transports nutrients to organs and cells, carries away toxins, serves as a lubricant for joints and bones, helps us regulate our body temperature, and even impacts brain function.

Another reason why water is so vital to us? Nearly 60% of our body is composed of it.

It seems like we’re always trying to stay hydrated, and during the summer months it can feel especially difficult to keep your thirst quenched. To help you reach your daily hydration goals, here are five easy tips. Pack your water bottles and get your MyFitnessPal app ready for water logging—we’re getting hydrated.

General guidelines for daily hydration are a minimum of 1.5 liters (~64 ounces) for women or 2.5 liters (~85 ounces) for men. However, individual factors like body size, the amount you sweat, the amount you exercise, or the amount of protein or sodium you consume might increase your hydration needs. You may need to increase your goal by at least a liter per day from the minimum guidelines.

Bring it with you everywhere—in the car, to work, or next to you when moving around the house. Make it a goal to refill the water bottle at least once per day (depending on the size of your goal). Then easily log your water intake in MyFitnessPal so you can keep track of how much you’ve been drinking.

This is for those who need more structure to stay hydrated. For example, set a reminder on your phone to finish at least 500mL or 16 ounces of water every few hours. This tactic doesn’t work for everyone and may stress you out or create a habit where you only drink water when chugging a bunch at once. Only stick with this approach if it helps you stay consistent throughout the day..

For every activity you already do out of habit—like eating, using the restroom, checking your social media, or joining a work meeting—be intentional about taking a drink of water (about 4-8 ounces, or ~200mL). This will help you remember to bring your water bottle with you. Soon, drinking water will become second nature.

It doesn’t have to be just plain water. Sparkling water, flavored sparkling water, or water with berries, cucumber, lemon, melons, or mint can add variety. Serve over ice on a hot day, or in a fun glass with a crazy straw for that extra bit of enjoyment.

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